Get into the Flow

A Few Words About Us


Jenn Ty hails from a medical family. Her father, brothers, and uncles were all traditional physicians, and her paternal grandmother and godmother were alternative healers. It’s surprising, therefore, to learn that it was but two years ago that she embraced her identity as a Medical Intuitive, someone able to feel what is happening in others’ bodies both energetically and physically. 

“I’ve been able to see people’s difficulties since I was a little girl,” Jenn explains, “but for a long time I brushed the ability off.” Instead, she pursued a financial career on Wall Street, a path that ultimately left her unfulfilled and seeking alternatives. “I began working with a life/business coach to help me transition to a new career,” she recalls. “She encouraged me to send an email to ten friends and ask them what they envisioned me doing—they all wrote back and said alternative medicine. That opened my eyes.”




And finding that solution demands attention and commitment, Jenn argues. “I believe that the more aware a person is of the clues her body gives her daily, the more successful she will be in preventing challenges in the future. We need to listen to our bodies for clues to how they feel and function; our bodies our intricate and complex systems and they talk to us about maintenance all the time.”

Securing health and wellness is a conscious choice and need not be costly, Jenn insists. In fact, she says, most good practices are free. “It starts with the individual making one crucial statement: ‘I am the most important person in the world.’” Many women struggle with this simple pronouncement, she concedes, but honestly loving oneself is key. “If you’re not committed to self-care, your body knows it down to the molecular level.”

And the sooner that young women learn to value themselves, the better off they will be, Jenn asserts. “Achieving good health—mental, physical, emotional—is a cumulative endeavor, and the earlier we begin listening and asking questions, the better we are able to cope and live healthy and fulfilling lives.”

A decade of experimenting and learning followed and in 2020, Jenn found herself in a class with internationally renowned intuitive medium Susan Grau. “She looked at me and said, ‘You’re a Medical Intuitive, so own it,” Jenn recalls. “And from then on, everything changed.”

Nowadays, Jenn helps people struggling with a host of issues, from Alzheimer’s and cancer to strokes and sports injuries, using intuitive abilities and manual manipulations to pinpoint difficulties and remove physical soft tissue blockages. “I absolutely enjoy a messed-up body,” she confesses with a chuckle. 

“There are two things that motivate me,” she continues. “I love puzzles, and in my view, our bodies are puzzles that have been adjusted, tweaked, and manipulated by circumstance since birth. I love putting the pieces back together. And I love complainers. A person who’s complaining is someone actively engaged in their wellness and seeking a solution.”